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Oxygen Bundle

Oxygen Bundle

  • $ 20000


  • For Ember™ Sport owners
  • Adds oxygen saturation (SpO2) with gold standard Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and oxygen content (OC)


Learn more about oxygen and how it changes over time. It’s a great addition for those using altitude tents, training masks or are doing elevation training. Now you can see how your actual oxygen level changes and understand its impact on your training and performance. 


Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

This indicates the percentage of hemoglobin molecules that are carrying oxygen. A higher oxygen saturation indicates that the hemoglobin molecules are carrying more oxygen, with 100% being the maximum. Ember’s measurement range is 60 to 100%.

Why measure:

SpO2 helps you see how efficiently your hemoglobin is carrying oxygen to your    tissues. During intense exercise, your oxygen saturation may dip from a normal value (>95%) to lower than 85%. Measuring declines in SpO2 during extreme training and/or performance can be another measure of intense interval training. 

Oxygen Content (OC)

This indicates the total amount of oxygen being carried in your blood. The oxygen content is a reflection of your blood’s oxygen saturation and hemoglobin concentration.The higher the value, the more oxygen you are carrying in your blood and the more efficiently your body performs. Ember’s measurement range is 0.0 to 35 ml/dL.    

Why measure:

OC helps you see the total amount of oxygen you are carrying in a given volume of blood. The higher the number, the more oxygen you have on board.

Requirements to operate:

  • An upgrade code, which will be emailed upon purchase of the bundle
  • iPhone, iPod, or iPad running iOS 8.2 or newer
  • Free Ember by Cercacor app
  • Ember Sport